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Finding your ideal Vaporizing temperature

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

How Does a Dry Herb Vaporizer work?

Vaporizers are a relatively new technology when it comes to aromatherapy. Newer lithium batteries are largely responsible for making them possible on such a large scale.

A dry herb vaporizer really works like a tiny fan-forced oven, sending heated air over your herbs. Instead of burning herbs, the temperature control on these devices allows the user to choose which compounds they want to ingest and avoid potentially harmful ones present with higher temperatures.

Side note: Combustion VS Convection

Combustion simply means direct contact with fire or being lit on fire. This is the most common way that herbs are consumed and indiscriminately boils or degrades all compounds in the material, including harmful byproducts which could be inhaled into the lungs.

Convection vaporizers work by insulating the herbs in a chamber that is usually ceramic and passing heated air over them. This air boils the active compounds and the vapour is carried through the mouthpiece to be consumed. The temperature of the air is controlled, so there is less of a risk of degrading your herbs from overheating, or even worse, releasing carcinogenic compounds through combustion.

Which Temperature should I set my vape to?

Overall it is best to keep your preferences in mind when looking to start vaping. Depending on the material you’re trying to vape the maximum suggested temperature will be different.

In our blog, “Herbs You Can Legally Vape in NZ”, we give specific temperatures to set the vape at when using these herbs. Going above these temperatures often doesn’t provide users with any benefit and can compromise the integrity of the oils and minerals within the herbs.

As for medical marijuana, it’s a little less straightforward due to the huge variety of active compounds. Patients usually stick with a temperature range on the lower end (<180C) that activates mostly the CBD chemicals and fewer of the THC chemicals. This creates a mellow high that is not as psychoactive but still retains elements of pain, hunger and stress relief.

Keep in mind you will not completely exclude a compound with temperature differences. Instead, it’s more of a percentage game.

⦁ High-temperature vaping produces thicker, hotter and more potent smoke.

⦁ High-temperature vapes also create more visible clouds.

⦁ Lower-temperature vaping activates CBD chemicals and provides less potent effects.

In conclusion, start out low and exceed the maximum temperature recommendations at your own risk. You can always turn the temperature up if you feel you aren’t getting everything you want out of your herbs.

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