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New Zealand Dry Herb Vaporizer - Price Guide

Looking to get a shiny new vaporizer? What can you expect to get for your hard-earned cash? Find out what features you can expect in your price range.

This guide covers the value you can get at different price points for dry herb vaporizers within New Zealand.

$50-100 Budget Tier Vaporizers

In this price range expect lower power dry herb vaporizers of varying build quality. Often serviceable but lacking the features of higher tier vapes.

Try to avoid extremely plastic-looking vaporizers as sometimes this can be an indicator of the build quality and really can affect the taste profile. In this price range, it can be harder to find vaporizers with isolated air pathways and you’re likely to come across much more airflow restriction to keep up with the lower power output. The difference between a good and bad vaporizer in this class really is in the build quality, noone wants their herb to taste like plastic and unfortunately there are units out there that will give you that.

If you’re buying within this price range look for:

  • Solid construction

  • Isolated air pathway

  • Ceramic or steel herb chamber

  • 2000+ mAh battery

  • At least 4+ temperature settings 180-220

Solid construction - The difference between a good and bad vaporizer in this class really is in the build quality, noone wants their herb to taste like plastic and unfortunately there are units out there that will give you that. Look for solid metal body or at least well finished plastic, you can usually tell a good from bad vaporizer just by holding it.

Isolated airpathway - Look for a unit where the air comes in from the side or its own pathway, there are units out there that draw air in through the electronics drastically altering the taste (and potentially health) of your vapour.

Ceramic or steel chamber - Like an oven the chamber is what heats up your herbs, it needs to be steel or ceramic. Most vaporizers will have one of these but some of the cheapest units may try to get away with something else.

2000+ mAh battery - Look for units with a fair size of battery, 2000mah is a good starting point and should get you 3-4 sessions on a charge.

At least 4+ temperature settings 180-220℃ - Between 180 and 220 degrees is generally the temperatures you want to be at, you could get one that does down to 150 for other herbs but generally this is where they sit. You’ll want a few different options to tailor your experience, try to avoid vaporizers where you have to time how long you keep your finger on the heating button - its very easy to miss the mark and burn your herbs.

Our vaporizer of choice in this range is the Fyhit eco (aka Herbstick eco), a choice we came to after trialling a number of models available. It strikes a balance between quality and value that is hard to beat.

$100-150 Beginner Tier Vaporizers

This range is what I would call the ideal entry point, these vaporizers have more features and temperature options as well as improved airflow. All that is lacking from this tier is the gruntier convection heating option and features like replaceable batteries.

If you’re buying within this price range look for the brevious tier but also:

  • More precise temperature control (degree by degree)

  • Ease of use features like set to last temperature

  • Better airflow

  • Larger heating coil

More precise temperature control - In this price range you should be able to find a number of units which can be set degree by degree whcih is great you fine tuning which oils you’re vaporizing.

Ease of use features - Ease of use featuresThings like automatically setting to the last used temperature can actually make a larger difference to your session, features like auto shut off are also much safer for the forgetful among us so keep an eye out.

Better Airflow - I would consider this the main reason for upgrading to this class, if you imagine sucking through a small straw vs a large straw in this class you can find the larger straws. Cheaper vaporizers often limit the airflow so the smaller coils can keep up but a good vaporizer should be able to do both at the same time.

Larger heating coil - As with above the larger heating coil allows not only getter airflow but also shorter heating times.

Our vaporizer of choice in this range is the Airistech range, the airistech range comes with a sleek design and a clean no fuss experience. The range is also great as a steal option looking much like a liquid vaporizer with no identifying traits of other herbal vapes.

$150-250 Mid Tier Vaporizers

This range is where you start to see convection options along with much higher vapour production. This is the ideal range for heavy smoker who want harder hits more akin to smoking but without the smoke.

If you’re buying within this price range look for the brevious tier but also:

  • Convection + conduction heaters

  • Programmable features

  • Highly finished

  • Replaceable batteries

Convection + conduction - The combination of conduction and convection heating provides by far the most intense vaping experience, able to heat the herbs fasts and extract oils much faster then their counterparts this is a must for seasoned smokers who are looking for a bigger hit.

Programmable features - Features like ramping temperatures are sometimes available in this price range, another great feature to look for is vibration alerts such as when the unit is up to temp. It isn’t necessarily a deal breaker not to have these as they are only there as extras but it’s certainly a nice to have.

Highly finished - In this price range you can begin to expect very very sleek designs and finishing, holographic prints, cool rotating fixtures and more are available in this class.

Replaceable batteries - The lions share of these vaporizers take the 18650 li-ion batteries, having them be replaceable means you can stretch out your operating times as long as you want given enough extra batteries.

Our vaporizer of choice in this range is the Xvape Fog, this unit forgoes some of the quality of life features like degree by degree control but more than kaes up for it with vapour production and a convection + conduction heater mostly unseen in this price range.

$250+ High Tier Vaporizers

This the price range for the biggest and best vaporizers, cloud like vapour production, great build quality and great features are all available if you have the money to spend.

If you’re buying within this price range look for the brevious tier but also:

  • Larger Convection + conduction heaters

  • More programmable features

  • Applications

Larger convection + conduction heaters - Cloud like production, if you want to spend this amount expect the highest vapour productions. If you’re worried about not getting enough of a hit i’d bet that our recommended vaporizer would do it.

More programmable features - Being able to set your own ramping temperatures and shut off times this price range allows the greatest levels of customisability.

Applications - Some vaporizers in this range even have their own phone applications, allowing users to get stats, change shut off times, alarm tones and more.

The leader in the field storz and bickel have the popular vote as the best producer of vaporizers and I would agree, for desktop or handheld if you have the cash. The crafty, mighty or volcano are all great choices.

Hopefully this guide has helped you with what you can expect when buying a vaporizer, if you have any questions feel free to contact me on my contacts page!

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