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Product Lowdown - Airistech Viva

Today we're taking a look at a our most popular dry herb vaporizer: The Airistech Viva

Airistech Viva - In hand

If you don't know dry herb vaporizers they’re essentially devices that lets you get the same effect of smoking, just without the smoke. It uses high temperatures to decarboxylate the material and cause the cannabinoids and terpenoids to vaporize. Instead of inhaling a smoke you're inhaling a vapor, great for people that need that instant relief that comes from inhalation but they don't want to smoke - It's far less harsh on your throat and your chest than smoking and doesn't leave a burnt taste in your mouth

The Airistech Viva comes beautifully packaged and includes instructions, USB charging cable, cleaning brush, packing tool and a pouch

Airistech Viva - parts

At the bottom of the device you'll find the micro USB charging socket, in the middle there's a LED display along with the buttons to control the settings and the temperature, at the top is the mouthpiece and the large fully ceramic chamber

For those who don't know ceramic chambers act like small ovens. They heat up very quickly and evenly, cooking and vaporizing material without burning it. The mouthpiece is smooth with a nice shape and size and pops off easily by pushing from the back

Airistech Viva - OLED

Inside you'll see the large ceramic chamber where you put the material and on the sides of the air vents placed right next to the chambers. That means air that you're pulling through is fresher and cooler than vaporizers that pull the air from the bottom past the battery

To load the vaporizer take a pinch or two of ground material and gently pack the chamber. Try not to use too much material because you won't get an even vape and might end up leaving some material un-used

Airistech Viva - packed

To turn it on push the power button five times. It'll automatically remember the last temperature settings and will only take a few seconds to heat up. You can change the temperature in one degree increments and has a temperature range of 149 to 251 degrees.

Once it's up to temperature it'll hold it there for five minutes before turning off, this is to prevent it from overheating. I’ve found that five minutes is more than long enough to vaporize the entire chamber. You'll know the material is spent when there's no real flavor left in the vapor and if you have a look you'll see an even char across the material

If there's still some green color it hasn’t vaped completely, next time try using less material or not packing it in so tight

When you're done turn it off let it cool down and give it a clean with the brush.This keeps it clean in the long run and the next time you come to use it it's not gonna taste like old spent cuts

Airistech Viva - Standing

That's it, function wise it's a great device nice size very capable of producing great flavor. The chamber is a good size and it has a long battery life, being able to accurately control the temperature is really useful and you can really dial it in to get the best out of your material.

Get yours here

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