This aluminium container/grinder has two storage compartments, a grinder and is airtight with rubber o-rings. Keeps your herbs fresher for longer and minimises any unwanted smells.


  • Featuring 2 storage compartments for keeping herbs and ground material separate, and a built-in removable grinder with sharp, durable teeth for a fluffy grind
  • Smell-proof medical grade container Features built-in grinder, storage system and smell proof top
  • NO GLASS or CHEAP PLASTIC LID here. 2 Solid Aircraft Grade Aluminum milled canisters will offer a shell of complete herbal protection. BIG enough to store whatever items you need but small enough for discreet travel.
  • When You Grind just a bit too much, store and preserve your valuable Herbs with these 2 Stash Cases. Perfect for all Herb and Spices
  • Best 3-in-1 solution for preparing and storing your herb

HoneyPuff sealed herb container/grinder