• Save Money With Replacement Cartridges

  • Reusable Plastic Shell

  • Easy & Convenient With Fresh Cartridges By Your Side

  • Dual Action HEPA + Carbon Filter

  • Lasts 150 Uses Or More

  • Requires the personal filler to use


Let me lay it out for you. If you're looking for a solution to smoke indoors without getting in trouble, Smoke Trap is for you.


We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If it breaks or you just never use it, we'll happily refund every cent back to you!


So, what're you waiting for?

Smoke Trap - Replacement Filters

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$12.99Sale Price


    How does it actually work? What's on the inside?

    There’s a 2 part filter going on. First the HEPA and second, the activated carbon.

    HEPA filter eliminates 99.97% of all air particles that pass through it. It actually gets tested by the U.S. Department of energy to make sure it upholds this standard.

    HEPA filters are common in your home, car, room, or office space (super common). This eliminates the smoke.

    The activated carbon eliminates the smell. Activated carbon is a natural odour eliminator. Essentially the activated carbon absorbs all the gas (smelly) particles and only let’s clean, fresh air through.